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BGS NZ Pro Bono Project Offerings

What is the Pro Bono Project?
The Pro Bono Project (PBP) is an initiative created exclusively by the Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) NZ Alumni Chapter to engage both BGS members and non-members in a way that provides value to the BGS NZ community. All listings are offered on a Pro Bono basis and provide opportunities to collaborate, network, and tap into the ever growing BGS NZ and International Honour Society. PBP membership is voluntary and is separate to the offerings and benefits associated with the standard BGS Lifetime Membership.

How the Pro Bono Project Works
Within a rolling six-month timeframe (January - June and July - December), PBP members are required to give back to other PBP members or the BGS NZ society twice. PBP members can offer their products, services, or time in any way they fell would be of value to the community. For example, a PBP member can provide free office space for another member's usage, offer professional consulting/advisory services, or providing marketing support for a business. The options to give back are endless.

Benefits of Joining the Pro Bono Project
In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to the BGS NZ community, there are other benefits of joining the PBP. A few of these benefits include:
  • Access to products and services for free as a PBP member.
  • Try before you buy - build relationships by working with someone for free to start.
  • Partners/members gain access to other members in the wider BGS NZ and BGS International network.
  • Have the opportunity to promote partners/members over the BGS NZ social media platforms and on our website.
  • Open to giveaways and other rewards from BGS NZ, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.
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