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Before registering to become a member of the Pro Bono Project (PBP), we kindly request that you familiarise yourself with the terms and expectations associated with the PBP. It's important to understand the commitments and guidelines involved to ensure a successful and fulfilling PBP experience.
1. Contribution of Value

Both BGS NZ members and non-BGS NZ members are invited to participate in our PBP programme by providing something of value to other members or the BGS NZ Honour Society itself. This contribution can be in the form of time, expertise, money, access to facilities, products, or services.

2. Commitment Period

The programme operates on a rolling calendar basis, divided into two periods: January to June and June to December. During each period, individuals or companies are required to have at least two pieces of Pro Bono work utilised by another PBP member or the BGS NZ Honour Society. This ensures active engagement and contribution. Failure to meet this requirement will result in temporary exit from the programme, with the opportunity to rejoin after six months.

3. Providing Value to Members

While the primary focus is on providing value to fellow members, if there is no immediate demand for a particular offering from an individual or company, one or both Pro Bono offerings can be allocated to benefit BGS NZ. This could involve content creation, networking opportunities, partnerships, sponsorships, and more.

4. Reciprocity and Continuous Engagement

If a member utilises another member's Pro Bono offering, they are expected to reciprocate by providing value back to either the same person, another PBP member, or BGS NZ. Failure to do so within a six-month period will result in cycling out of the programme.

5. Reward Incentives

To encourage participation, we offer various rewards and incentives (subject to change) to active members, including but not limited to:

  • $100 voucher awarded every six months to the highest contributor, as selected by the BGS Alumni Committee. The selection will consider factors such as time, expertise, and the impact of contributions.
  • Additional products, services, or gifts from fellow members.
  • Recognition for the valuable contribution made to the community.

We now invite you to join the PBP programme, where your contributions can make a meaningful impact on our community and provide valuable experiences. Submit your PBP offering below and be part of this rewarding community!

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