July 2023

A Successful Networking Event and MasterClass Session with Daniel Pink

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent event, which combined both a networking opportunity and a captivating MasterClass session. This unique gathering provided attendees with the chance to connect with fellow BGS members and participate in a virtual MasterClass featuring Daniel Pink, a highly acclaimed author and expert in the fields of sales, motivation, and persuasion. The event surpassed expectations, offering an enriching experience filled with thought-provoking discussions and invaluable insights.

The evening commenced with an engaging networking session, where both BGS members and non-members had the opportunity to connect and establish meaningful relationships. As attendees enjoyed snacks and drinks, they exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and expanded their professional networks within the BGS community. This networking aspect created a vibrant and supportive atmosphere that set the stage for a lively evening.

Following the networking session, participants were treated to a virtual MasterClass led by Daniel Pink himself. Through a carefully curated selection of videos, attendees had the privilege of delving into Daniel Pink's extensive knowledge and gaining insights into effective and ethical sales, persuasion, and communication techniques.

To ensure an interactive and dynamic experience, facilitated conversations were held throughout the event. These discussions explored the key points raised in Daniel Pink's virtual lesson, encouraging attendees to reflect on the implications of his teachings in their personal and professional lives. The thought-provoking discussions sparked intellectual curiosity and facilitated meaningful exchanges of ideas among participants, making the event truly impactful and memorable.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended this remarkable networking event and MasterClass session. The success of this gathering reinforces the significance of fostering connections and continuous learning. To stay updated on the latest news and upcoming events from the BGS NZ community, we encourage you to regularly visit our website's events section and follow our active social media pages. By actively engaging in future events, you can continue to expand your network, gain knowledge, and contribute to your personal and professional growth as part of the vibrant BGS NZ network.

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