August 2022

BGS | AUT x USYD: BGS Success: Career Goals Webinar

Last night the BGS chapters from AUT (New Zealand) and the University of Sydney Business School (Australia) held the first collaboration event as part of the new Trans-Tasman #BGSSuccess series.

This particular event was on career goals. No matter whether you are starting out as a university graduate, or a senior executive, being proactive and purposeful about your next career steps is important.

A big thanks to our six panelists from NZ and Australia who shared their valuable experiences and wisdom with our members. A few key takeaways from each of our panelists include:

Josette Moffatt -- Open yourself to new experiences. Value the concept of life-long learning. Back yourself, especially as a female in male-dominated industries. We all have experienced Impostor Syndrome. Again, back yourself! Find people who believe in you and will support your efforts.

Emma B. -- Values are important when thinking about what career steps you take. What's important to you? Goals can change, so adapt and be open to possibilities.

Oliver Pang -- Be willing to challenge yourself and take risks. What can you do that makes a difference in the world/your community? Having a wide range of skills and capabilities can allow you to take opportunities you have not thought of.

Deborah Ward -- Take all the opportunities you can. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Push yourself, evolve, be agile, and be open. Build the ability to think outside the square and predict future trends. This is key to adapting to the changing business environment.

Avikash Chandra, CFMANZ -- Prepare and expect to jump through a lot of hoops throughout your career. Not everything is going to be easy. Position yourself in different roles to act as stepping stones to where you ultimately want to be.

Chris Griffiths -- You need to build options for yourself. You may have goals, but things outside your influence (e.g., business cycles, personal life conditions, etc.) can turn those goals upside down. So be adaptable, open to change, and value lifelong learning.

Logistically, the event would not have been possible without Nirisha Niranjan from AUT, and Wes Hamilton from Sydney Uni/BGS Australia. Thanks for making the event a huge success.

This is just the start of our Trans-Tasman partnership. We are collaborating on more AUTxUSYD events in the future, so keep an eye out!



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