April 2024

BGS NZ 2024 Alumni Scholarship Programme Now Open - 23 April to 17 May

The New Zealand Alumni Chapter and Beta Gamma Sigma Global Headquarters have partnered to award one BGS NZ member with a $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship is offered to members who are pursuing further education to ignite change in their communities and beyond.

2024 Scholarship Applications

To apply for the BGS NZ2024 Alumni Chapter Scholarship, you are required to complete the BGS International online scholarship application form.

Personal Essay (1000 word limit)

Within the application form you are required to submit a personal essay, answering the following questions:

1.    What matters most to you and why? (for example: what people, insights, or experiences have shaped your perspectives?) (300 word limit)

2.    If you were to provide your past self with advice for the future, what would that be and why? (300 word limit)

3.    BGS emphasizes giving back to our communities. Considering your background -personal, professional, and/or academic - how do you plan to make specific, meaningful contributions to your community? (300 word limit)

4.   If you win this scholarship, how would these funds benefit you and your ongoing academic pursuits? (100 word limit)

Application guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the application:

·      Only one application per person is permitted.

·      Applications must be applicants' own original work.

·      All applications must be in English.

·      The personal essay is limited to 1000 words. Applications exceeding the 1000 word limit will be disqualified.

·      The details of the scholarship recipient will be published on the BGS NZ Alumni Chapter website and through our social media platforms.


·      Is a current member (or will be inducted as a member by Friday 17May 2024) of Beta Gamma Sigma.

·      Is currently studying, or registered to study for the 2024/25 academic year at either AUT or UoA.

·      Is willing to work with the BGSNZ Alumni Committee and AUT/UoA throughout the application and award process.

·      Has not previously received a BGS NZ Scholarship.

The winners will be selected by members of the BGS NZ Alumni Chapter Committee.

The selection committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship should it deem that applications do not meet the required criteria.  All decisions of the selection committee shall be considered final.

Applications for the scholarship close 6pm, Friday 17 May2024. Recipient of the 2024 Alumni Scholarship will be announced by early June 2024.

For any questions regarding the scholarship, please email us at bgsnewzealand@gmail.com

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