May 2021

Member Spotlight - May 2021

Last year, we introduced the BGS Member Spotlight initiative. An initiative to share the stories of our members living in NZ and abroad.

The Member Spotlight last year was in the form of articles. Then COVID hit and pulled energy and resource from being able to publish those articles on a regular basis. This year, we are returning, and as with many things, we are now sharing member stories in the format of Zoom conversations.

With this first Member Spotlight video, April Shwe-Paul talks with Mark Barboza, a passionate New Zealander currently based in Toronto. Having traveled the world and progressed his corporate career in PwC, Mark shares some of his perspectives on work, life, and continual learning.

A big thanks to Mark for taking the time to share his story with us, the BGS NZ community.


If you would like to share your story on Member Spotlight, email us at bgsnewzealand@gmail.com.

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